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On Sundays, make sure you get your questions in by 12:15 to ensure a timely answer.

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No more waiting on hold on satellite radio programs, jockeying for position in crowded chat rooms or hoping to get your question answered in an article. Our staffers are available around the clock and are fully prepared to tackle your Fantasy Football, Baseball and Basketball questions at any time of the year. Get one-on-one advice from inaugural Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Famer Scott Engel and his personally selected award-winning roster of Xperts! Scott and the Xperts appear regularly on FNTSY Radio and TV, in the New York Daily News and and on NFL team sites.

The RotoExperts team treats your Fantasy concerns with the utmost care. Our goal is to help you win a championship, and we are here every day of the week to answer whatever is on your mind. E-mail with your draft, roster or lineup questions in Fantasy Football and Baseball at any time of the day or year. Scott Engel personally handles as many of your questions as he can, and our other top Xperts ensure you will always be handled no matter the time or topic.