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And while fantasy sports is a passion for us, we understand that too much of a good thing is boring. We'll hit some real sports, give tips to those looking to legally wager, and there's a nice mix of pop culture swirled in; all the topics people are talking about around the water cooler are weaved into the content, providing entertaining, informative and trendy programming, all while making certain you'll be raising your fantasy belts high over your head at season's (or day's) end.

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Anonymous24063: i'd want and get more if martin out

Anonymous24063: trust cruz?

Bobby McMann, Staff Writer: Great points by Tony right there. Wentz has looked very good for a North Dakota State product with about 20 preseason snaps worth of experience.

Bobby McMann, Staff Writer: I trust cruz enough to put him on my bench. Giants are a high volume passing attack and he has looked solid.

Anonymous23869: Tebow has no business being in baseball at his age

Anonymous23869: If David Ortiz played the field he would be up there with Trout

Tim McCullough, Managing Editor: Does working for Cardano count?

Tim McCullough, Managing Editor: I can hear you guys in the background

Tim McCullough, Managing Editor: I can hear Cardano loud and clear over the commercials

Tim McCullough, Managing Editor: Sounding good!

Anonymous40183: where are the gus' show on sirius radio? Why were they taken off the ait on sirius?

Anonymous40450: Maybe Engal got to annoying

Anonymous43708: Engagement preaching to us not to be happy about injuries was a show killer

Anonymous43708: Who knew spellchecker would change Engel to engagement

Anonymous51097: Should I trade Cam for Russell W and Emmanuel S?

Anonymous54411: so i have both matthews in Philly and considering ertz should i play all three

Anonymous56901: sucks not listening to you guys in the car.. always getting the tail end of your show

Anonymous60659: should i trade away gore for gurley? should I trade Julio for A. Robinson and T. Coleman

Anonymous118003: Enunwa or Inman at the flex?speechless

Anonymous120884: get cory parsons OFF the air. GEEZUZ, hes irritating

Anonymous130952: Enunwa Smallwood or Rawls?

bbkirby: struggling here, Need 1! ...T Boyd; Inman, Locket, Fuller

sodrezin: need 1 in my flex. 1/2 pt. ppr. Michale thomas, Taylor Gabriel, Farrow or Dixon. please rank them. thank you!

Anonymous159468: Need 2 - Ty Williams, D Jax, Snead, Rawls. .5 PPR

Captainrc4: Need 2- .5 ppr btween Mike Thomas, Cooper, Watkons with maxwell out and Meredith

Anonymous168768: cool

Anonymous169005: Test

Anonymous172596: Test